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Being a new mom can really suck sometimes

Like, I love my baby to death. She makes me feel like a normal person when my post partum depression is bad and she never fails to make me laugh or smile.
But jfc!! Bad moments just make you think, who the fuck let me have a baby?!
Ever since I was little everyone said that having a baby is hard. (Fuck yea it is) but damn, I don’t think I could’ve ever wrapped my head around about how hard it really is.
I just spent the last two hours trying to calm a crying baby and get her to sleep and I don’t even know why she’s crying!
She’s def teething and I gave her Tylenol but she also didn’t want me out of her sight plus she had a hard time falling back asleep.
She was just tears and tears and calling out “mama”. And I’m just like, dude, I’m right here.
And on top of that my auntie is leaving on Sunday and I just feel really screwed cuz I know as soon as she leaves, I’m gonna be sleep deprived af.
And my relatives are like, you should have babies back to back or have another in 3yrs.
ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?! I can barely handle bb girl now and you want me to have another?!
I know that I do want another sometime but fuck, right now I feel like “one and done”


remember when children used to say “i know you are but what am i” bc never in my adult life have i found an incident where that phrase is more appropriate

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